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Joining the Frontline - Deployed from MoJ HQ to a Prison

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Sally, deployed from MOJ HQ to a Prison

It’s been 10 years since I worked in a prison. Wearing a belt and keychain again and not having access to my mobile until the end of the day (having spent the last few working years with it always in hand!) has felt slightly unnatural. 

Nevertheless it hasn’t taken me long to get back into the swing of things and I’ve been so pleased to see some familiar faces of old colleagues. But the welcome from all the staff has given me a real sense of being in this situation together, doing the best we can. 

Seeing the commitment and resilience of our frontline staff at this time is very humbling. They have the same concerns and stresses as many of the general population and despite this are continuing to deliver.

Although our services may not gain as much public recognition as others, we face equally difficult challenges. It’s fair to say our operational staff are hidden heroes, who carry on with a sense of humour, adaptability and mutual support.

Our non-operational staff, particularly those in the offender management units, are also working very hard with the extra requirements of early releases. It’s a joint effort on both sides that keeps the prison service and justice system running.

They are adapting hour by hour in an ever-changing environment; breaking news to prisoners; responding to questions from worried prisoners; handling their own anxieties plus the anxieties of those in their care. All this with a workforce reduced by sickness or self-isolating.

It’s our responsibility and privilege to support the frontline staff in their roles as best we can.

With thanks from a HQ worker full of admiration.


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  1. Comment by Lee posted on

    Hi. I’m looking for advice, I passed my training day, then I completed my vetting and passed and was given a start date and submitted a uniform form. Now, approvals and compliance contacted me asking for information in regards to my work for the police 8 years ago. My case has now gone back to vetting and start date and clearance suspended until further checks are complete. Does anyone know why this would happen? Does it mean I’m going to fail now? There is nothing untoward with my background or employment, this is so odd. I’m also wondering what wasent picked up first time round?
    It’s very fruhstrating as I’ve told lots of people about my Original start date and there is lots of financial uncertainty due to Covid and despite emailing in, nobody can give me an answer what’s going on. I also checked with the point of contact I have with the police and nobody from the MOJ have contacted them asking for a reference since I gave the details out 3 weeks ago. It doesn’t seem to of been followed up

    • Replies to Lee>

      Comment by Helena Lynch posted on

      Hi Lee,

      Thank you for getting in touch. SSCL have been made aware of your issue and will be in contact with you shortly. Thank you for your patience with this.


      • Replies to Helena Lynch>

        Comment by Lee Hudson. posted on

        Hi Helena,
        This is all sorted now, I’m just waiting to hear to get my start date now ,


  2. Comment by JohnHayes posted on

    Well done to everyone, hope to see you all in the service some day